How It Works

At Fias Fresh Meals, we want to make healthy choices easy. We have no plan to sign up for, no minimum required to order, and no cost to register. Each week we publish a new menu on Monday's and that opens the order period. The order period remains open until Saturday at 9:00 p.m. At that time, we close the order period and finish preparing your orders for delivery on Monday. DoorStep Delivery orders will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on location.

Easy right? Let me try to simplify.

  1. Register for an account.
  2. Review "This Weeks Menu" to choose your meals for the week
  3. Add item to shopping cart
  4. Check out and be sure to pick you gym as your "Drop-off Location"
  5. Pick up on the following Monday and enjoy your healthy meals all week.
    **DoorStep Delivery orders are delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on location.
Want a Discount?

Sign up for our text alerts. 

We try to limit our communication to a couple of email reminders throughout the order period. Once you order, you will not receive an email reminder. We have also added SMS Messaging for our friendly reminders. We will only send 2 messages per week. If you want to sign up to receive SMS messages.

Text #THINKFRESH to 94253


Our Drop-off Locations
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